Term Ultrasound

During your pregnancy blood will be taken from you twice. Your blood-type and rhesusfactor will be determined. We will examine if you have any anti-bodies present in your blood that can hurt your baby. Your blood will also be tested for a several infections: Lues (Syphilis), Hepatitis B and HIV. These infections are treatable during pregnancy which reduces the chance of infecting the child. Lastly, the amount of iron in your blood is determined. If there is an indication we will look at your sugar-level.
If necessary, we will check your blood more often.

To simplify your pregnancy care, Duna Lus joins its services with Alpha Interlab Center. You can make an appointment or just come on in and the assistant will take care of all your blood tests. This way we ensure a direct communication and reduce test confusions.

We’d be happy to provide you with further explanation and, in case you have objections to one of the tests, you can let us know and we will discuss it with you.

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