Your next checkups

Subsequent check-ups take about 15-30 minutes. At the start of your pregnancy you will come to see us every 4 weeks. Check-ups will increase in frequency afterwards and in the last month you will see us every week.
For the entire pregnancy: if you have questions, if you worry about something or if you just want to listen to the child’s heartbeat, you can always call us.

At subsequent check-ups we look at how you’re doing and if you have any questions or complaints. At every check-up we check the growth of your child and listen to its heart beat. Your blood pressure will be measured and you will be weighed. During the pregnancy you will receive information in different ways about the pregnancy, delivery and the recovery after the delivery.

Beside regular prenatal check-ups, you can also choose to have your prenatal care by Centering Pregnancy. Centering Pregnancy means more time, more information and building a community of women to share your questions, concerns and support.

You can always contact us with your questions. It is important for guiding your pregnancy that we are well informed about how things are with you. In this way a relationship of trust comes into existence between the two of us and we will be better able to guide your delivery.