Your First Checkup

When you’ve made your first appointment, we will send you a confirmation email with information about our practice.

During your first appointment, an ultrasound will be made. This ultrasound is meant to see if the baby’s heart beats, if it is a singleton pregnancy and if the pregnancy is in the right part of the uterus. An ultrasound made before 10 weeks will always be done through the vagina. You don’t need to have a full bladder for this ultrasound.

The first check-up takes about one hour and takes place around the 8th week of pregnancy. During this check-up we shall ask you (and your partner) questions about your health, lifestyle, medical history, previous pregnancies en possible hereditary illnesses in your family. It would be useful if you bring with you any information you have about certain medical conditions you might have, any medication you use or information about prior pregnancies that weren’t conducted by us.

If desired, we will talk to you about prenatal screening test to detect congenital diseases and malformations of your child. This test are optional; you decide whether you want to do these kind of tests. For more information about these tests you can read the brochures Information about the screening for Down syndrom, Edwards’ syndrom and Patau’s syndrom and Information on the 13 week and 20 week anomaly scan.

Finally we will discuss what kind of blood tests will be performed during the pregnancy. We will schedule a second ultrasound to determine the due date (based on the growth of the baby). This ultrasound will be made between the 10th and 11th week of pregnancy.