Throughout the pregnancy there are a few times during which we will offer an ultrasound to all pregnant women. If you are unwilling to have an ultrasound, this can of course be discussed.

Most of the ultrasounds can be done at our own practice. For the 13 week anomaly scan and the 20 week anomaly scan the expertise and equipment of the ultrasound diagnosticians at Diagnostiek voor U are necessary.

You can open the pictures from the ultrasounds performed by us, yourself through your digital media player.

Important Information

Most ultrasounds that can be done during the pregnancy, can be done at our practice.
The ultrasounds that take place at our practice are done for the reasons described below. They are not primarily meant to check if your baby is healthy. If, however, during the ultrasound there are reasons to believe that there might be a problem with your baby, we can refer you to Diagnostiek voor U or a gynaecologist. When you do not wish to be informed about possible congenital defects of your baby, you need to think carefully whether you want to have an ultrasound or not.

The 13 week anomaly scan and the 20 week anomaly scan are intended to check the baby for physical abnormalities. We have chosen to have these ultrasounds made at Diagnostiek voor U, because of their expertise in this area.
Fortunately, most children are born healthy, but some children do have physical problems, which can sometimes be serious.
Sometimes the ultrasound turns out to be unclear or it is suspected that a deviation is present, which later turns out not to be there. This can cause uncertainty and worries.
Maybe you do not want to know if your baby has a birth defect. In that case, it is not wise to do these ultrasounds. If you decide to have ultrasounds made, we assume that you want to be fully informed about all findings.

It is fun to look at your baby, but an ultrasound is a medical test. Hence, the ultrasound requires a certain amount of concentration from the sonographer. That is why we ask you not to bring more than 2 people with you to the ultrasound en we prefer that you don’t bring children.

Around 8 weeks: ultrasound intact pregnancy

The first ultrasound is meant to see if the baby’s heart beats. The ultrasound will be planned around 8 weeks, because if you look to early chances are there will be nothing to see yet. An ultrasound made before 10 weeks will always be done through the vagina.
* This ultrasound is not covered by your insurance company.

Around 10-11 weeks: ultrasound for due date

During the second ultrasound the due date of the child will be determined based on its growth. All children, regardless of race or sex, grow the same way during this period. As a result, the due date can be determined accurately.
* This ultrasound is not covered by your insurance company.

Between 12+3 and 14+3: 13 week anomaly scan

During this ultrasound the baby is checked, already early in pregnancy, for certain physical abnormalities. More information about this ultrasound you can find in the brochure ‘the 13-week scan and the 20-week scan’.

Between 19+0 and 20+0 weeks: 20 week anomaly scan

During this ultrasound the baby is checked (further) for physical abnormalities.

Around 34 weeks: ultrasound for position baby

During this ultrasound the position of the child is examined. If the child is positioned well with its head down and, thus, in the correct position for the eventual birth. This ultrasound is covered by your insurance-company.

If your child is in breech position (head up position), then we will inform you about the possibility to have the baby turned, an external cephalic version (ECV).
An ECV is always done at the hospital.

Fun Ultrasound

During your pregnancy several medical ultrasounds will be performed. However, a lot of pregnant women (and their loved ones) like looking at their baby a few extra times. That is why you can also make an appointment for a fun-ultrasound!