Natural support for more than 80% of the physical and mental ailments you and your family face on a daily basis.

Essential oils provides safe support for both your physical and mental health making it an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. Self-care also increases more than 80% of the physical and mental discomforts that you and your family deal with on a daily basis.

dōTERRA essential oils, unlike many conventional medications, are not harmful to the body. They also have no side effects and have no addictive effect. In addition, dōTERRA offers many other natural essential oil products with the same powerful and safe properties.

Essential oils for Pregnancy and care of mother and child.

Not all oils are good to use during pregnancy, because the body is much heavier loaded and sometimes cannot handle the extra push to work harder. That is why it is important (also with massages) that you do not stimulate the body, but gently support it.

Yet there are plenty of beautiful oils that are very supportive and can bring more peace and relaxation. This is very important for a pleasant pregnancy.

Frankincense and Lavender essential oils, for example, are always great saviors, as they actually calm and balance all our body systems.



There are also many options for support before the birth. Here too, Lavender and Clary sage is a good choice.

To prevent a cut, spread lavender oil with coconut oil on the perineum (ie the place behind the labia, where the baby goes through).

Clary sage can be supportive of contractions weakness. Apply every half hour with some coconut oil on the abdomen and on the inside of the ankles. Jasmin touch is also a nice oil to stimulate childbirth.

Whisper (the compound oil for women) too! Inhale or simply wear it as perfume.


Do you suffer from hard stomachs, for example? Lavender helps very well with this and softens the hard bellies. But also with tension and discomfort in your head and neck. Also with restless legs and less good sleep. And your skin will also be happy with it, you can soften pregnancy stretch marks, but also great for sore breasts.

100% natural, pure and pure (no dilution)

Certified therapeutic value (CPTG® certificate)

No synthetic ingredients, preservatives, pesticides or chemical substances


To get breastfeeding started, you can massage your breasts with Clary Sage and coconut oil!

Lavender is not only great during your pregnancy, but you can also use it to support breastfeeding. Sore nipples can be rubbed with lavender and coconut oil. But Lavender can also offer a solution in combination with Geranium to prevent nasty breast infections. To do this, make a cold or warm compress (whichever feels better) and use 2 drops of Lavender and 1 drop of Geranium in 3 cups of water. You can repeat this several times a day. Another option for this is the Formulated oil with citrus oils and vanilla: ‘Citrus Bliss‘, you can make a massage oil with this together with Lavender. 3 drops each in a tablespoon of coconut oil and breasts and forearms twice a day! rub with it. I have always had good experiences with cottage cheese compresses. You can also add a little oil to this. on the chest in a hydrophilic washcloth for no longer than 20 minutes. (one or two tablespoons is enough)

Happy mommy and baby

The mood-management series is very nice and good for father, mother (and child) to use after the birth! In the diffuser, but also under the feet. Always dilute with the baby! Serenity for more rest and peace when tired and for a good night’s sleep. Citrus Bliss for a happy and clear feeling. Balance for rest and being more relaxed. And the composed mood oil: ‘Elevation‘ to relieve and prevent postpartum depression. (Clary Sage helps with that too.) Always consult a doctor with long-term complaints!

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask! Please contact contact me!


Xochi Woorts

Disclaimer: As a Midwife & a Naturopath I work complementary (additional) and supportive, which means that it is always advisable to visit a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases! Essential oils and other products that I mention on this site are not official medicines and are not registered as such.

Your own home pharmacy.

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I wish you a wonderful time with your baby!