We as Midwifes are specialist in the care of pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. We will provide the mother to-be with all she needs to know to have a healthy pregnancy and beautiful delivery. We visit the new family at home to check on the newborn and the condition of the mother.

If for any medical reason the patient has to be under the care of a Gynaecologist we still give the post delivery care at home. At the Hospital you will be asked whom you would like as the caregiver at home.

What we do is completely different than Wit Gele Kruis. Wit Gele Kruis is what we call in Netherlands a ‚Äúconsultatie bearau”. They monitor the growth of the baby and provide all the needed vaccines.

In Aruba you will not need a reference letter (verwijsbrief) from your doctor to be under the care of us. The only thing you need is to be pregnant (a home pregnancy test is enough) and give us a call for to book an appointment.

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